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The FITBIT ALTA is a newly released fitness tracker that comes with replaceable bands, lets you receive calls, texts, and has a 5-day battery life.
The TOTAL GYM 1400 Deluxe Home Fitness Exercise Machine ($269.99) as far as I can see is a replacement for the Total Gym 1800 Club machine which sold for about $400 three years ago. The [Read More]
Do Any Weight Loss Plans Work? What I found out about is the same thing you are going to find out about when you click on the video screen just below these words. It is [Read More]
” I LOST 13 POUNDS IN 10 DAYS USING THE INFORMATION FOUND IN THIS VIDEO.   THANKS, KEVIN Powered by BMI Calculator You probably already know if you could stand to lose a few pounds, [Read More]
Vitamin D Cancer Treatment… Having the proper level of Vitamin D could reduce by 75% Colon and Breast Cancer deaths each year. Research has shown with the proper intake of Vitamin D3 and Calcium would [Read More]
A Liver Cleanse Program should be done by everybody over the age of 30 to 40 due to all the toxins and chemicals we are exposed to these days. Think of your Liver like it [Read More]
The Total Gym XLS is basically a total workout system for the whole family. Total Gym exercises include resistance, cardio and stretching all in one machine. You get everything you need in home fitness equipment [Read More]