EASY Homemade Dog Food | What Dog Food Co.s Don’t Want You To Know !!!

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Easy homemade dog food can help reduce your monthly cost for dog food. But it can also increase the quality of the food you are feeding your bestest friend.

In researching for this video I discovered many disturbing things about the so called good dog foods out there. Because the FDA does NOT want to police the dog food companies, they get away with putting cheap and harmful ingredients into our pets food.

So it is up to you and me to take it upon ourselves to make sure we feed our pets only good healthy foods. In this video I believe I have located a reasonably priced healthy dog food that when mixed 50/50 with the homemade mix can keep the cost down to a minimum.

But the most important thing is the happy dog you will have when you start giving him or her this delicious new mix.
Thanks, Kevin


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